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Tokyo Hy-Power HL-700B amplifier details

amp package after having taken it off the double box.         box content
The THP cap was part of the content!

front view
top view
amp front view                                                                     amp top view

rear viewbottom view
amp rear view, notice the large heat sink!                            amp bottom view, notice the 2 axial fans

internal view 1internal view 2
4 dual transistor power modules side by side;                        more detailed view of the modules
the low-pass-filter circuit board is located below
the power module circuit board and heat sink.

amp config sectionpicture at left:

HL-700B config section:

2 switches towards the top of the picture.

left switch selects 10 or 100 watts drive

right switch selects HF VOX hang time:
zero hang time ("AM" position) or some
hang time ("SSB" position).

If a dedicated PTT line is used (strongly
recommended) this switch needs to be
flipped to "AM" position, despite the
mode you are using! "AM" only means
"no hang time".

big switch to the center right selects
full power output or reduced output

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