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s: Friedberg/Bavaria Ham Radio Club, DOK T19, currently ranking among the
top ten German Ham Radio Clubs for the German Club Championship 2013!

For information re. our 2013 SSB Fieldday activity including our new 25 meter telescopic antenna tower,
see here: SSB Fieldday 2013

Welcome to my Website!

This site is covering various aspects of Ham Radio which I have gained during more than 40 years of my
ham radio activities.

The call sign DK3QN was issued to me as the first owner in 1969 by German Telecom.

My location is in the greater Munich/Bavaria area in southern Germany.
The Alps mountain range starts at about 80 km south of my location.

I'm a member of the Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC)  and their local Radio Club.
My 'DOK' (local DARC Club ID) is T19 and this counts for the application for the DARC 'DLD' award,
see here: DLD award

QTH locator is JN58.

I hope you will enjoy reading through my website.

Klaus, DK3QN

Some hints for Newcomers
One of my favourite paddles, made by Kurt Zuehlke, Germany.
See the patent specification (in German) here.


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